Winter doldrums have you in a funk? You’re not alone! It’s hard to maintain the “Dirtybird gets the worm” mentality when temperatures drop to single digits and your flannel sheets are so, so warm. We haven’t even talked about using a snow scraper! We get it, winter sucks. But it’s not going away. Embrace the chill with these winter self care tips.

Be A Winter Warrior

There is no better feeling than running through fresh snow, knowing you’re the first person to touch winter’s precipitation. Yes, it takes a little more prep and willpower to layer up, lace up and hit the concrete when temperatures plunge. But we guarantee you’ll feel like a total boss running the streets and trails when no one else has the gumption. Running isn’t your thing? Try cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or even just a walk. Fresh air is good for the body and mind.

Drink Up

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Between all the cocktails and eggnog lattes this season, your water consumption takes a severe dip. On top of that, drier air means our bodies receive less moisture. Though you may not be sweating as much, your body needs the fluid intake. Bonus: drinking water can help keep those winter hibernation pounds at bay.

Vitamin D

Remember that bright yellow thing that used to be in the sky? It took a rest for the winter and won’t be seen until March. The sun helps maintain Vitamin D levels, and without it, we’re severely lacking. Take a supplement or eat food high in Vitamin D such as fortified milk or salmon. It’s a mood booster too!

Just Say No

Practice the art of staying in. Holiday parties, family gatherings, happy hours, tight office deadlines and the rush of Christmas shopping all compound during December. It’s OK to skip that ugly sweater bar crawl and curl up in bed with a book…or Netflix. Taking a night off will never be a bad thing. Indulging in one more happy hour, that’s a different story!

Embrace New Forms of Fitness

Where the hot yogis at? When the outside resembles your deep freeze, walking into a 100 degree room suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Amp up your fitness motivation by trying out various indoor classes. Kickboxing gyms, crossfit boxes, pilates studios and gyms often offer free first-timer classes or promotions.

Gift Yourself with DirtyBird Energy

We couldn’t leave this off the list. The exfoliating action of Energy and Recover are even more essential during the winter months. And Replenish? Hello hydration! This bar features ⅓ moisturizing ingredients. Do you hear that? It’s your skin screaming to drink this up. And of course, Relax. Does anything sound better than a bubble bath and the lavender essential oils in this bar? We see you clearing your Friday night schedule.

Be Grateful

Another year crushed. Another 365 days of awesomeness. Ok, they weren’t all awesome. But you survived. No, you thrived! Be grateful for those 12 months. Focus on the accomplishments. Remind yourself to be grateful all things, small and big.

Practice Mindfulness

In addition to reviewing the year, it’s time to look forward. A new set of goals, a new perspective or a new adventure. When setting your intentions or resolutions for the new year, consider adding mindfulness and meditation to the list. A 5 minute daily meditation practice can take you above and beyond athletically, professionally and in your personal life. Meditation opens doors for sport performance, enhanced thinking and increased productivity. Commit to sit in 2018.

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